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KT K8's Cuticle Oil sources out USDA and Organic certified ingredients. We start with a base of Jojoba Oil. This makes up close to 50% of our oil. Then we add in apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, argan oil, baobab oil, and vitamin E. We use skin safe or well diluted essential oils for scents. 

KT K8 Cuticle oil does NOT contain any nut oil.*


Jojoba Oil: Most closely resemble our own natural oils which allows it to penetrate the skin deeper and faster. It has natural anti-fungal properties and is able to repair damaged collagen matrices inside the nail bed. This improves strength and promotes healthy nail growth.

Apricot Kernel Oil: This oil nourishes the skin as well as helps sooth irritated skin. It contains essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, and oleic acid. It is rich in vitamin E and vitamin A.

Avocado Oil: This oil is rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, D, E, and beta carotene; great for dry skin. 

Argan Oil: This oil is extremely high in vitamin E and fatty acids. It also has antimicrobial properties and it is easily absorbed by the skin.

Baobab Oil: This oil provides excellent moisturizing benefits with vitamins A, D, E and F.

Vitamin E: is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps support the immune system, cell function, and skin health.

*Does not contain any nut oil. However, oils could be processed and repackaged for shipment in a facility that also works with nut oils. Please test a small patch of skin for up to 48 hours before regular use if you have nut allergies.*

**This information has been collected from multiple sources and is viewed as accurate by this company. However, you should do your own research and draw your own conclusions.**

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The cuticle oil is amazing! Not only does it smell phenomenal, but it keeps my cuticles hydrated and smooth, even while shuffling paperwork every day! I highly recommend!!

Candie Marie
Oak Creek,WI

It's been over a year since my last review. First and most importantly this oil has really made a huge difference in my nail health. I am having less nail breakage along with a small amount of hang nails. The formula is perfect for what I love, hydrating but not overly greasy. I love my oil to sink into my skin fairy quick and this oil does exactly that. The scent options are amazing. The scents are not overbearing but are just enough that you know it's there!!!! Overall this is by far my favorite nail oil and since finding KTK8 I haven't tried anything else.

Kristi Lynn
Appleton, WI

I love this stuff...the different scents and the fact that it leaves my cuticles looking and feeling great. I highly recommend...you will NOT be disappointed.

Christal Short Korslin
Union Grove, WI

About Us

Kate Koseck


KT K8 gets it's name from a childhood nickname. It's a fond, warm memory that never fails to bring a smile to my face. My nail journey started after I was hit in a car crash and broke my knee. I couldn't stand to do a lot of basic functions for very long, but I could sit and try new polishes out!

After a year of learning the tools, tips, trade secrets, and how to stamp on my nails, I became more invested in the growth of my natural nails and caring for them. 

KT K8 Cuticle Oil was born during the autumn season. Wisconsin winters are not kind to the skin, and my day job involves lots of paper pushing and keyboarding; so I needed a way to protect, nourish, and grow my nails. My first oil was handed out as Christmas gifts. It was my original Warm Chai scent, done with essential oils. I have moved on to skin safe scents and only use essential oils when I need just the right kick. 

My goal is to continue to put out an amazing product and provide as much support to your personal nail care journey as I can. 

I'm still working a full time job, but I put time and effort into getting your questions answered as quickly as possibly as well was wrapping up your items and getting them out the door in a timely fashion. When I'm not working or making nail oil, I enjoy spending time with my huskies, trying out new polishes, and practicing my nail stamping techniques. 

Q & A

Q: I received my oil and there is this dark sludge, is this normal? Can I still use my pen? Is it bad?

A: Yes. Some of the scent brands we use react with the oil and separate out into this darkened, thicker oil.  What you see is strictly cosmetic and does not effect or change the product. It is safe to use.


Q: How much oil is in each pen?

A: We use the standard 3ml oil twist pen. 


Q: You don't offer my favorite scent, but I really like your oil, will you add it or can you make it?

A: I can try. Reach out and we can discuss either finding you a scent or getting it added.


Q: Why don't you use ____ oil in your mix?

A:The answer to this question is almost always the same : Because it's a cheap filler oil that's not useful for anything accept cheaper product and turning your oil rancid faster.                                                      Olive Oil: Honestly, Olive oil isn't a bad oil. It's close to Avocado oil, which I already use... but it's a bit heavy and can make hair look greasy super fast.                                                                                    Coconut Oil: it's solid at room temperature. While it's a great ingredient, it's not practical for this application.                                                                                                                                                  Sweet Almond Oil: It's a nut oil, there are many people allergic to nut oils. Also, almond oil is high in PUFAs, and those quickly go rancid with exposure to light, oxygen, and heat. Gee, I wonder where we could run into such things on the planet Earth...                                                                                      Grape Seed Oil: This is really close to almond oil, and has those pesky PUFAs again.                  Sunflower Oil: Umm cheap filler that's high in PUFAs.. it's worse than almond oil. No thanks.                    Sesame Seed Oil: Even cheaper filler. Doesn't penetrate hair and not good at moisturizing either..        So basically, what's the point besides diluted product?                                                      PUFA=Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid

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